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Graduating from High School or from Playboy Academy?

What happened to just regular cap and gown photos?

If I saw this photo in my son or daughter’s yearbook, I would be first, upset and then I would have a lot of questions.

This beautiful young lady does not look like she is graduation from high school-an institution for learning and gaining skills that will be applied and developed in her life and career after high school. Instead, this image of herself place among other more modestly dressed and poised senior photos, says I’m looking for attention (in the wrong way). She might be a straight A student with a good reputation but one would never know it from this photo. Besides, this is a SCHOOL yearbook. There are plenty of other places she can post this photo  (facebook, twitter and her cell phone to name a few) if she is that proud of it. You would think that with all the social media outlets where pictures and videos are flying all over the place for the whole world to see, that this would be enough. Quite honestly, I’m surprised to see that yearbooks are still made and cherished in this high-tech digital age. Here’s my suggestion; schools should start making digital yearbooks (if they haven’t already) and maybe we can avoid problems like this….or better yet…parents should start checking their children at the door and recognize that somethings are just not appropriate and are just down right tacky!
I don’t blame her; I blame the parents for allowing her to submit the photo and saying it was acceptable to be put in a yearbook. I applaud the other students who stood up and deemed the photo distasteful and unacceptable to represent the school and themselves as a unified student body.
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