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Menstruation: Curse or Blessing?

I’m probably among the small minority of women who actually enjoys and looks forward to having a menstrual cycle every month. Over the years and as I have matured into a full grown woman, I have realized not only the physical benefits to having a cycle, but I have come to know the spiritual benefits of a woman’s menstrual cycle as well.

Every 28 days or so I have been blessed to have a bodily function that has been purposed and designed by God to prepare me for potential pregnancy, to natural cleanse and rid my body of waste, and as a time for reconnection to one’s self , God and nature. During this special time of month, I have noticed that I am deeply connected with myself and God due to the changes in a woman’s hormone levels and other phsychological and physical changes that take place. I am able to think clearer and be more intuned with the person God has created me to be.

Yea, I know a woman’s period can bring on mood swings, personality changes, and not to mention the lack of energy and fatigue that takes place during this time but don’t get me wrong, I have all these symptoms and more but for the most part, this is the only time when I can get mentally and physcially still and quiet. Any other time of the month, I am so concerned with running my household and taking care of business that I forget to take care of myself and when my cycle starts, nature forces me to slow down, take a breather, get back to myself, evaluate, reflect, reorganize, and plan (all in my head of course).

Having a period is not a curse but it’s a necessary function in order to produce life and keep a woman clean and healthy. Trying to stop a woman from having a cycle or interring with a woman’s cycle can be harmful, unwise and against God’s intent for woman, man, and the family. Birth control or anything else that alters a woman’s cycle has been proven to have a negative affect on a woman’s body. Why mess with nature? I know it’s not easy dealing with PMS and other symptoms of that a menstrual cycle can bring, but nothing good and of value hardly ever comes easy.

Happy Homemaking!