Moms of Modesty

God seeking and modest women who answer the call to be homemakers.


As of lately, I’ve been watching a lot of Little House on the Prairie at night. Never before did I think that one day I would love this show. Only until a couple months ago when I was having one of those overwhelmed and stressed out mommy moments and began to realize the difficulties of trying to function in a dysfunctional society, did I appreciate the simplicity of the way things were before.

This was a world that was more slow paced, private, and quiet. Before computers, before video games, before PTA meetings, before hectic schedules, before…well, you get my point.

 I guess the reason I enjoy Little House on the Prairie so much is because deep down, I yearn for such a society and lifestyle when it comes to everyone knowing their assignment and role in the community. I desire for the peace and freedom that Charles and Laura Engels enjoyed with their family. Violence and crime was not the order of the day. Their children walked freely to and from school without worrying about some crazy person kidnapping or assaulting them in the process. The doors of homes did not have to be locked and dead bolted at night for fear of thieves breaking in. Children honored their parents and parents cherished their children. People ate and for the most part grew their own organic and fresh foods. Overmedication of drugs was certainly not on the scene. Most of all, God was alive and well in the everyday lives of the people.

 When did it all become so complicated? I guess society and life gradually became complicated when we removed God from the picture. Life became complicated when we decided that marriage and family was no longer relevant. Life became complicated when we convinced ourselves that homosexuality was acceptable. Life became complicated when we decided that filth and immorality was entertainment for the public. Life became complicated when men and women walked away from their responsibilities at home and to each other. Life became complicated when the food and water supply became tainted with steroids and chemicals that fill people with disease and death.

“The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity”

-Ludwig Wittgenstein-

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