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Manicures, Pedicures, and Eye Brows: Move Over Ladies!

Not too long ago my sister and I had a girls outing and decided to go get our nails done at the salon. I hardly ever get my nails done professionally but at the time I was 9 months pregnant and in desperate need for some pampering. After we got there  I was hugely disturbed by what I witnessed. I saw two gentlemen getting manicures and pedicures along side with their wives and even more disturbing is that the wives seemed to be perfectly ok with it. Now, what I’m referring to is not the fact that another woman was massaging their feet and hands instead, I am concerned about how more and more we are accepting our men to become softened by this society and culture.

A generation ago if you asked a man if he wanted to go get his nails and feet done he would have almost cursed you out and would have been offended. Now, it’s as though the pressure for men to be beautiful and perfectly groomed is on the rise. I would have expected to see men of a different persuasion sitting in those chairs because at least then I would have understood (not that I agree with it or it makes it right) but the mere fact that these were straight men receiving services that only women should be getting does not sit well with me and I wanted to speak about it.

I don’t recall any of the men in my life (father, grandfather, etc..) as I was growing up concerned about having neatly groomed  clear coated nails, soft feet, and perfectly threaded eyebrows. Back then, men were men. They were providers, they worked hard outside the home, cut the grass, worked on cars, and fixed things around the house. Their idea of grooming was making sure they a decent haircut and they didn’t smell like car oil. Don’t get me wrong, every man needs to take pride in how they look and I definitely love for my husband to smell good. All I’m saying is that the man and woman are not supposed to compete in anyway. Instead of manicuring the yard, he’s manicuring his nails. I shouldn’t be comparing my fingernails to my husbands and admiring his manicure. The bible says that the woman is the glory of any man. I don’t know about you but when I go to the nail salon and I’m trying to relax and get a manicure or pedicure I don’t want to see a masculine man and his masculine hands or feet being pampered in the midst of a host of women and he’s layed back like this is normal.

Women we need to step our game up, call it like it is, and stop acting like this is ok. I know for myself as a woman we are naturally attracted to a man’s strong and firm hands and it’s ok if they are a little hard and rough. It shows that he is a man not afraid of work. A woman’s hands are soft and gentle and are supposed to be used to console and comfort her husband. I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone but a salon is not the place for a man unless you’re fixing a toilet or something inside. Let’s stop trying to be what we are not and embrace our God given assignment and role as woman and man. There is a clear distinction in the male and female and I our culture is doing their darndest to blur the lines. If this was ok, men everywhere would have been doing it since the beginning of time. Next time you go to the salon, count how many men (especially straight men) you see. The numbers are growing and it makes me wonder what next?

How does this relate to homemaking? In the institution of marriage and family the man was created stronger (physically) than the female. He is the leader, provider, and protector of the wife, family, and home. These types of feminine activities and tendencies discredits the beauty of the man. When the man is discredited he is not properly respected in society and at home. When men don’t behave as men at home it opens the door for confusion and other problems that will eventually disrupt a woman’s ability to fully function in her role and purpose as a wife and mother.

Oh! while my sister was selecting a nail color a gentlemen sitting next to her asked her what color was she getting. Hellooooooooo! What’s wrong with that picture? Needless to say, my sister was like okayyyyyyyyyy! Why does it matter to you?

Get my point?

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