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Cell Phones, Internet, and Social Networking: When It Comes To Children, The Disadvantages Far Outweigh The Advantages.


Okay, I can’t be the only parent in the world who feels that our children do not need cell phones, facebook/twitter accounts, and unmonitored internet access. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a child barely old enough to spell the word “cellular” or even knows what it means,  talking and texting like he’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar company on the verge of securing, yet another million dollar contract.

Parents, why do we feel the need to be enablers to so much of the garbage that kids are exposed to through cell phones, internet, and social media?

Well, let me just go through a few of the excuses I found that, we as parents, and our children tell ourselves:

1) By middle school or junior high just, about all kids carry a “cell” at all times, so it makes them feel grown-up, like you trust them with something of value and they need to fit in with others.

2) Many kids take medication and/or have allergies and could need sudden attention. It is a safety issue really, so in an emergency they can always contact someone.

3) Most kids have working parents that need to be contacted after school or from activities.

4) The phones are generally not used during the day until high school, when kids mainly text message and make some calls between classes and after school as well, usually to coordinate plans or call for rides.

5) There are no or very few “pay phones” left in our area, so cells are the only way to reach people from public places.

6) Cells are great on weekends too for divorced families so kids can always reach the parent with whom they are not staying and the other parent can reach the child without having to go through the x-spouse.

7) There are great free or inexpensive games for entertainment in the car or in waiting areas.

8) They are just part of socialization here, as the home phone was when we were kids, except they have photos, videos, games and music as added value.

9) As far as the safety of the cells, my kid’s text, play games, and use the photos and video, more than they even talk on the phones.

10) Since our A T & T phones were free, and we share minutes that also rollover each month if not used, it is not much more of an additional expensive. We can save almost as much because don’t need a home phone at all really.

Here are a few reasons that your children should not have phones, unmonitored internet access, and be on social networking sites:

1.  You cannot monitor everything – we parents think we can, but the reality is we can’t. Not 24/7.

2. Openly disregarding the terms of use set by social media sites and you’re telling your child that online, rules are clearly meant to be broken.

3. Kids aren’t mature enough to understand personal privacy so everything will be out there. Plus, anyone – friend or not – will be able to scan your child’s wall, info and photos. Kids will friend everyone and ANYONE because they don’t understand privacy yet.

4. Cyber bullying

5. Why come up with another reason to stifle your kid’s time outside or their imagination? TV, movies and computer games already do enough of that … why add Facebook and phones.

6.  A cell phone bill for a child to mainly socialize and get into trouble is just an added expense that most parents don’t need.

7.  We don’t know the full extent of the dangers of radiation from cell phones, especially for developing children.

8.  Teens texting and driving have proven to be fatal in too many cases and the numbers are growing.

9. Sexting, Sexting, and Sexting!!!

10. Exposure to inappropriate content.

We can’t bubble-wrap our kids, but we can do our part as parents to give them the best start in life to make them successful and healthy adults.

Happy Homemaking!!!

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