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Will The Real Housewives Of America Stand Up, PLEASE????

You're Fired: The Real Housewives Have Taken Over!

If I see another reality show about so call “housewives”, I think I’m going to scream!

First, let me start by saying that most of these so called “housewives” we are witnessing on all this reality nonsense are, for the most part, not even housewives. They are ex-girlfriends/lovers, divorcees, or, at best, wannabes.

I am so sick of these women giving real housewives a bad rep. Being a housewife is certainly not the glamorous life that they portray it to be on TV. Shopping sprees, self-pampering, and finding time to cat fight, gossip, and create drama is hardly what being a real housewife is all about. If these women were real housewives they would not have time to engage in such meaningless activities. May I even add that I have not seen one episode (no matter the city) of a housewife lift a finger to clean, cook, do homework with the kids, dress and behave like a woman of dignity, or even pray and reverence God. Instead, they are more concerned with getting boob jobs, money, and ratings.

I think that real housewives who take this position seriously and understand its value and the effect it has on the family and society should stand up against the media and the illusion they feed our society, especially women and mothers who think that this is what being a wife and mother is all about.

Casting Call:

Seeking Godly, modest housewives in every city of America for a new reality show titled:

The Real Housewives of Virtue

Disclosure: Might not get good ratings due to the no drama, sex, and foolishness act established by God Productions.

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