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In more ways than one, homeschooling just might save your child’s life.

As my children go through the many issues and problems of attending a public school, it only confirms my belief that our public schools have failed our greatest asset morally, educationally, nutritionally and physically. As parents, I believe we are responsible for holding the schools accountable, yet at the same time I greatly support and understand the need to homeschool children. If I had the resources available, I would immediately withdraw my children from public school and have them homeschooled.

More and more schools are turning our children into juvenile delinquents with records that will follow them the rest of their lives. This is partly because teachers and administration are reacting to misunderstood behaviors, different learning styles, learning difficulties, overcrowded classrooms, limited resources, anti-God curriculum, cell phone distractions, immodestly dressed young girls, violence, and outright chaos.

On the flip side, students are acting out against ill-fit authority who are only teaching to get a pay check, authority who don’t encourage and instead discourage students, authority who takes indecent liberties with students, authority who is not patient and take the extra time to make sure students are truly learning and not just being taught to pass a test, authority who is not prejudice and compromises their ability to be fair and impartial.

Homeschooling or having your child learn in a more controlled environment that focuses on God, family, self, and education is what a proper and successful educational experience is all about. Like the Bible says, the beginning of ALL WISDOM is the knowledge of God. This is the number one reason for the dumbing down in the classrooms all over America.

Happy Homemaking!

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