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Female Gospel Singers: Help or Hindrance?

on November 19, 2011

Romans 12:2

 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

I’m deeply disturbed when I see women of God dressed like women of the world. I was recently watching an awards show (can’t remember which one) and my dear sisters, Mary Mary, were singing beautifully and glorifying God but their message was being hindered by what they were wearing. The outfits that one of the sisters had on was a low-cut, cleavage revealing dress that resembled something that would be worn to the club. While singing in this provocative outfit she was bouncing and dancing around making it hard not to notice her voluptuous breast jiggling all over the place. Now I know that if I found it hard to concentrate on the spirit of the music then  it was equally or even harder for the men that were viewing from the audience or from television to concentrate with a pure mind what it is they were singing about.

Are we as women of faith really trying to be virtuous women? Do we even know what it means in its totality? Those of us who claim to be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. need to really go back to God’s word and see if we are doing a disservice to ourselves, our daughters, sons, husbands, and our community.

We cannot dress provocatively or like the world wants us to dress and think that it’s ok. With all the sexual crimes against women, children, promiscuity, and sexual references in our media and culture you would think that women everywhere would stand up and be responsible enough to dress modestly and teach our children to dress and understand the importance of being modest too.

It is true that a man is supposed to control himself, respect women, and turn away from such temptations but as women we have the responsibility to cover up and stop putting ourselves and our little girls out there to be objects of sexual desire. If you need an example of what real modesty looks like, look at Mary, the mother of Jesus. I don’t recall any images of her showing her breast, wearing painted on jeans, mini skirts, tattoos all over her body, and her hair dyed every color under the sun. No wonder men disrespect us; we have lowered our standard of decency. After all, Mary is the most respected and honored woman in history and the world and she did not have to dress like a hooker. She was modest and chaste; that’s why God used her. Let God fully use you too.


2 responses to “Female Gospel Singers: Help or Hindrance?

  1. Sherly says:

    Amen to this, you’re so right about it. You must remember just because a person profess Lord, Lord from the lips doesn’t mean they’re living what they sing or say. It’s in the word! People claim God, but their walk says otherwise. It’s sad so many people think they’re fooling the world. The world has no hell or heaven to put us, so it doesn’t matter. What matters is what God sees us do and hears us say. We can hide from man, but never from God. So all I can say is let’s pray for the many lost souls. I’m sick of many saying they’re trying to reach children, it’s bull, because God didn’t conform to becoming a thief, whoremonger, or anything else in order to reach the people. So it’s all about those people who says this (they do this or that to reach the children), simply being who they really are (worldly). By them saying they’re trying to reach the children, it’s an excuse they think true saints will believe. Oops on them because a true saint know better! Thanks so much for this post!

    • breelo29 says:

      Thank you for your response Shirley. I am only a believer, woman, and mother who is sick and tired of the hypocrisy. It’s our job to point these things out and call it like it is. Your point is well taken and I just hope that others will take another look at the mixed messages we are sending to the world. Why would people in the world need to be reformed and made new if there is no change visible where God is supposed to dwell. There should be a distinction between the two and right now the lines are blurred!


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